Rice to Energy

Rice to Energy

In Nigeria, rice consumption has increased dramatically since the 1970s. This created a substantial surge in rice import since then, making rice a political commodity in the Country on one side rice has become a critical component of the Nigeria diet and the other side, a major consumer of the Country’s foreign exchange. NIGERIA’s rice import bill in June 2009 is estimated to run in excess of USD1.5 billion (approximately N225 billion) per annum.

Currently rice production and processing in Nigeria, is typified by small local farmers operating on primary basic processing technology

In Conjunction with the Federal Government under the Federal Ministry of Environment.

Our Renewable Energy programme office is establishing an integrated Rice Processing and Power Generating Facilities for the economic benefit of the investing States we have been assigned too by the Federal Ministry of Environment, by bringing home advantages to large scale productions and self-generating Power Supply to the urban and rural communities.

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