About Altex Engineering

Altex Engineering Oil and Gas Services Limited is a multi-disciplined firm with expertise in planning, design, oil and gas and engineering services.

We maintain divisions that focus on off and onshore oil and gas operations, civil and structural engineering, petroleum products, procurement and other engineering services. Learn More


Using Biofuels as substitute for gasoline has become a major global strategy by leaders across the world ...

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The overall sugar consumption in Nigeria is in the region of 1.5 million tons ranking it as the largest consumer of sugar in Africa ...

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Latest Press Releases

Altex Engineering has partnered with Exxacon Petroleum LTD as Noca Clean Energy Europe's Team Partner on the sales and distribution of the Magnetic Transducer Generator Technology in Nigeria and beyond...

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Renewable Energy

Altex Engineering main duties are to find solutions to the environmental challenges.

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Architecture, Aviation planning & engineering, Civil engineering and construction.

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Rice to Energy

In Nigeria, rice consumption has increased dramatically since the 1970s.

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Construction Services

Startup and commissioning, Construction management, Expediting, General contracting.

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